Location of the Millennium Forests

Over 1,200,000 native Irish saplings were planted in the Millennium Forests. All of the young trees were grown from seeds collected in native Irish woodlands. The new forests are fully stocked and are growing vigorously. It will take over 100 years before the young Millennium woodlands reach maturity. As the woodlands grow natural thinning will continuously take place. This will mean that only a small proportion of the original saplings planted will reach maturity. We would encourage you, your family and future generations to visit the forest where your household tree was planted and monitor how your forest is growing.

The original Millennium Forests were planted in 2000. Find out which Millennium Forest relates to where you lived in the year 2000.

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For more information on the forest sites, why not check out the Ecological, Archaeological and Bird surveys, which were carried out for each site.